What's your Wise story?


Since Wise was born 4 years ago, we've helped customers move £3 billion worldwide. Saving them £135 million.

That's pretty cool.

And we're constantly humbled by the amount we've been able to save our customers. But the thing that gets us really excited? The stories behind the transfers. From paying for weddings, to funding art projects to starting new lives abroad, Wise has enabled thousands of people to live globally.

Check out some of the examples below. They're pretty awesome.

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Sofia studies at Leeds University, but is spending her year abroad teaching in Tenerife.

Her family lost money in the past on currency exchange because of unfair bank charges, and Sofia was keen to find a better way to move her savings back to the UK:

>“I was getting so worried about how to send money home without the banks stealing huge chunks of my savings! I’m so glad to have found Wise - it’s a much cheaper and more honest option!”

Darren and Gemma live in France, but wanted to get married at home in the UK.

Darren had been ripped off in the past on currency exchange by his bank, losing over £1500. He used Wise to cover the costs, saving over £1000 in just one year. The money paid for their magical honeymoon travelling around South East Asia, and took one worry off of his list when planning their special day:

>“Wise is the best service out there, it’s super quick and it doesn’t cheat you on the exchange rate. I lost a lot of money exchanging currency with my bank, and you won’t catch me using them again!”.

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