The fees for payments to THB are changing


We know you'll want to understand exactly how this change affects you, so we've written this post to give you all the information you need. It’s divided into 2 sections:

1. Why we’re changing our fees

Why they’re going down for most transfers and staying the same for others.

2. The new fees

If you’re not very interested in the “why”, and you just want to know how these changes will affect your transfers, go straight to the new fees.

1. Why we're changing our fees

We believe sending money to another country should be as cheap as sending an email. Yes, we think it should be free.

We’re not there yet, but that’s what we’re shooting for.

Why most fees are going down

When we opened for business, we based our fees on how much transfers cost us to process.

Since then, we’ve gained a lot of customers, and they've driven our costs down on many transfer amounts and routes. At the same time, we've gotten better at what we do, and that's brought our costs down too.

We’ve used those savings to lower our fees where we can, which means most of you will be able to send money for even less.

Why some fees will stay the same

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, some transfers still cost us the same amount to process as they did before. So we’ve kept our fees the same for them.

We’ll bring those fees down as soon as we can. (And remember, you can always save a little money by paying with a bank transfer, rather than a card.)

2. The new fees

Price change Routes affected
Cheaper for all amounts. AUD, BGN, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, HRK, HUF, NOK, PLN, RON, SEK, HKD.
No change at all. CAD, GBP, NZD, SGD, USD, TRY, BRL, JPY.

To read more about transfers to THB, visit our THB transfers page.

What’s the fee for each route?

Route Old price New price
AUD to THB 4.50 AUD + 0.60% 3.75 AUD + 0.60%
BGN to THB 6.50 BGN + 0.50% 4.50 BGN + 0.50%
CAD to THB 4.25 CAD + 0.50% 4.25 CAD + 0.50%
CHF to THB 4.50 CHF + 0.45% 2.50 CHF + 0.45%
CZK to THB 80 CZK + 0.50% 60 CZK + 0.50%
DKK to THB 22 DKK + 0.50% 14 DKK + 0.50%
EUR to THB 3 EUR + 0.50% 2 EUR + 0.50%
GBP to THB 1.50 GBP + 0.55% 1.50 GBP + 0.55%
HRK to THB 31 HRK + 0.60% 25 HRK + 0.60%
HUF to THB 910 HUF + 0.55% 600 HUF + 0.55%
NOK to THB 29 NOK + 0.50% 20 NOK + 0.50%
NZD to THB 5.50 NZD + 0.50% 5.50 NZD + 0.50%
PLN to THB 13 PLN + 0.50% 7.50 PLN + 0.50%
RON to THB 14.50 RON + 0.55% 9.50 RON + 0.55%
SEK to THB 35 SEK + 0.50% 26 SEK + 0.50%
SGD to THB 4.50 SGD + 0.50% 4.50 SGD + 0.50%
USD to THB 2 USD + 0.85% 2 USD + 0.85%
TRY to THB 20 TRY + 0.50% 20 TRY + 0.50%
BRL to THB 16 BRL + 2.42% 16 BRL + 2.42%
HKD to THB 40 HKD + 0.90% 40 HKD + 0.75%
JPY to THB 150 JPY + 0.90% 150 JPY + 0.90%

What’s the fee for using a card?

The fee changes depending on the currency you’re paying with. To see how much it is for each currency, read our paying by card page.

What about borderless accounts?

The fee changes depending on what you do:

  1. When you move a balance from one currency to another, you pay the variable fee that you would for a normal money transfer for that route. The fixed fee isn’t included.

  2. When you pay money out, you might pay a fixed fee depending on the currency. For some currencies, it’s free as long as you’re making a local transfer. Read more about how much it cost to withdraw money from your borderless account.

Log in to use the calculator or check our pricing page to see how the changes will affect the transfers you make.

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