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Sending 1,000.00 EUR withRecipient gets(Total after fees)Transfer feeExchange rate(1 EUR TRY)
WiseCheapest11,094.24 TRYSave up to 426.96 TRY7.60 EUR11.1792Mid-market rate
BNP Paribas11,041.03 TRY- 53.21 TRY0.00 EUR11.0410
ABN AMRO Bank11,010.51 TRY- 83.73 TRY9.00 EUR11.1105
Moneygram10,965.29 TRY- 128.95 TRY0.00 EUR10.9653
Western Union10,947.91 TRY- 146.33 TRY0.90 EUR10.9578
Rabobank10,946.54 TRY- 147.70 TRY15.22 EUR11.1157
Sabadell10,860.70 TRY- 233.54 TRY0.00 EUR10.8607
Remitly10,847.47 TRY- 246.77 TRY2.99 EUR10.8800
ING10,829.64 TRY- 264.60 TRY31.00 EUR11.1761Mid-market rate
OFX10,783.77 TRY- 310.47 TRY10.00 EUR10.8927
LaCaixa10,727.54 TRY- 366.70 TRY15.00 EUR10.8909
BBVA10,667.28 TRY- 426.96 TRY28.00 EUR10.9746

Transfers from Turkey

İşbu hizmet, 08.10.2015 tarihli ve 6484 sayılı BDDK kararı ile Bankacılık Düzenleme ve Denetleme Kurumu ("BDDK") tarafından Elektronik Para ve Ödeme Hizmetleri Kuruluşu olarak yetkilendirilen, Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Merkez Bankası ("TCMB") tarafından denetlenen Birleşik Ödeme Hizmetleri ve Elektronik Para A.Ş tarafından "finansal hizmet sağlayıcısı" olarak verilmektedir. Diğer yandan, İngiltere ve Galler'de tescilli Wise Payments Limited hizmete yalnızca "aracı" olarak yardımcı olup TCMB ve sair yetkili merciler nezdinde Elektronik Para ve Ödeme Hizmetleri Kuruluşu olarak faaliyet gösterme iznine sahip değildir.

This service is provided by Birleşik Ödeme Hizmetleri ve Elektronik Para A.Ş. as "financial service provider", which is authorized as an Electronic Money and Payment Services Institution by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency ("BRSA") pursuant to BRSA decision dated 08.10.2015 with No. 6484 and is being audited by Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey ("CBRT"). Wise Payments Limited, registered in England and Wales is acting as an "agency" in this service, which has no license to act as an Electronic Money and Payment Services Institution granted by the BRSA, CBRT and any other authorized authority.

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Receive money from around the world

Use your account details to receive and manage your earnings. Invoice like a local and manage your earnings from various online platforms and storefronts.

Take the stress out of managing property

Save when you buy property abroad. Pay your bills remotely. Receive payments from tenants.

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Get these local account details

These are the account details you can share with others to receive money. Anyone can use these to pay you just like they'd pay a local.

British pound

UK sort code, Account number, and IBAN

Get GBP account details


Bank code (SWIFT/BIC) and IBAN

Get EUR account details

US dollar

Routing number and Account number

Get USD account details

Australian dollar

BSB code and Account number

Get AUD account details

New Zealand dollar

Singapore dollar

Bank code, Bank name, and Account number

Get SGD account details

Canadian dollar

Institution number, Transit number, and Account number

Get CAD account details

Hungarian forint

Turkish lira

Bank name and IBAN

Hold and convert money

You can hold and convert money in 54 currencies. It only takes a few seconds to open a new balance in the currency you need.

UAE dirham
Argentine peso
Australian dollar
Bangladeshi taka
Bulgarian lev
Botswana pula
Canadian dollar
Swiss franc
Chilean peso
Chinese yuan
Costa Rican colón
Czech koruna
Danish krone
Egyptian pound
British pound
Georgian lari
Ghanaian cedi
Hong Kong dollar
Croatian kuna
Hungarian forint
Indonesian rupiah
Israeli shekel
Indian rupee
Japanese yen
Kenyan shilling
South Korean won
Sri Lankan rupee
Moroccan dirham
Mexican peso
Malaysian ringgit
Nigerian naira
Norwegian krone
Nepalese rupee
New Zealand dollar
Peruvian sol
Philippine peso
Pakistani rupee
Polish złoty
Romanian lei
Russian ruble
Swedish krona
Singapore dollar
Thai baht
Turkish lira
Tanzanian shilling
Ukrainian hryvnia
Ugandan shilling
US dollar
Uruguayan peso
Vietnamese dong
West African franc
South African rand
Zambian kwacha
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