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Get £20,000 transfer for free with the exclusive Uniwide offer.

Wise offers business banking without the high rates, hidden charges, and monthly fees. Pay employees, get paid and manage your cash flow overseas — in one place.

Multi-currency banking without the bank.

Get all the features you need to bank in another country — regardless of where you’re located. With zero hassle and a one-time fee of 45 GBP.

Sort code, IBAN, and more

Get account details for other countries. So if your client asks for your IBAN or wire number, you’re prepared.

Bank-level security

End-to-end encryption. And your money is safeguarded with top institutions like Barclays.

Get paid and accept payments for less.

Receive multiple currencies without high recipient or conversion fees. Convert or move money within Wise Business or withdraw to external accounts with ease.

Secure transactions

We’re partnered with leading financial institutions and regulated by the same authorities as banks.

Works with Stripe and more

Withdraw from online seller or trading platforms using your IBAN or other account details.

Invoice payments, 19x cheaper.

Pay invoices with the real exchange rate in 70+ countries from your phone or app. 50% of payments are instant or arrive in an hour.

Streamlined payments

All you need is your recipient’s bank details or email. They don’t need a Wise account to get paid.

19x cheaper than PayPal

Research shows it's nearly 19x cheaper on average to send and receive payments with Wise versus PayPal.

Employee and people payments in one click.

Save time and money on international payroll, employee reimbursements, or recurring payments.

Make batch payments

Pay up to 1,000 people in one click. Just upload a spreadsheet with details for each transfer and submit one payment.

Save hours on admin

Add team members to your account to help with payments. All past payment info is saved for the future.

Debit cards for business expenses in any currency.

Pay expenses online or in-store without foreign transaction fees. Your team can order cards to spend directly from the business account - and you can track spending in real time.

Spend in any currency

Pay in the local currency to save on conversion fees. It’s way cheaper than other business cards.

Track your team's expenses

Employees can get their own card. No need to use their personal card for business expenses.

Debit cards