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Exclusive offer for QuickBooks customers.

We hope you enjoyed QuickBooks Connect and hearing about our new, smarter integration. Sign up to Wise today for free account details and enjoy hassle-free international banking.
QuickBooks + Wise

*During the QBC demo we mentioned that you will get free transfers with Wise. This offer has been amended – now you can get access to Wise Business account details in 10 currencies completely free! (Usually costs £16)

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Why use Wise Business?

Pay people in one click. For 19x less.

Effortlessly pay international invoices, vendors, and employees — with the real exchange rate, in 80 countries. 6x cheaper than old-school banks, and 19x cheaper than Paypal.

Get started for free

Get paid faster.

With Wise Business, you can get local bank details for 10 different currencies. Give them to your customers for an easy, free way to get paid. 50% of payments are instant or arrive in an hour.

Collect money seamlessly
Collect money seamlessly

Easily withdraw from Amazon, Stripe, and more in up to 10 currencies.

Create clever invoices
Create clever invoices

Add your local bank details to invoice templates to get paid on time and for free — like a local.

Put your bills and mind to rest.

Your business deserves more than basic bank feeds. Integrate QuickBooks Online with Wise and pay unpaid bills in seconds. Get transactions recorded automatically for seamless reconciliation.

Bill paid illustration

Smarter workforce collaboration.

No more back-and-forth over paying bills, and managing expenses, and cash flow. Give your accountant and team access to Wise, and control their permissions.


Faster reconciliation

Connect currency accounts to Xero or QuickBooks in real time to save time on manual admin.

Make batch payments

Pay up to 1,000 people in one click. Just upload a spreadsheet with details for each transfer and submit one payment.

Multiple currencies, one place.

Move money between currencies in seconds, always with the real exchange rate and without high conversion fees. See up to 54 currencies from one easy to use account.

Connect your apps
Connect your apps

Integrate with platforms like Xero to see all your money together.

Cash flow control
Cash flow control

Keep your international money in one place for full visibility.

All in one place

Overseas expenses, sorted.

Pay expenses online or in-store without foreign transaction fees. Stay in control of team spending in real time and reduce admin.

Stay in control cash flow
Stay in control cash flow

See all your expenses in one place. Track your team in real time with controlled spending limits.

Take the expense out of expenses
Take the expense out of expenses

Save on conversion fees for foreign currency expenses. With no monthly subscription.

Debit cards

Receive money in your Wise account in 10 currencies – claim your free Business account now!

Open your Wise Business account

Product features

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*Offer applies on any new or existing customer account, that does not have access to account details for receiving money. Offer valid until 31st March 2022.