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10 eur
29.62 wst

€1.000 EUR = WS$2.962 WST

Mid-market exchange rate at 20:58

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1 EUR to WST stats

The performance of EUR to WST in the last 30 days saw a 30 day high of 2.9758 and a 30 day low of 2.8943. This means the 30 day average was 2.9349. The change for EUR to WST was 2.34.

The performance of EUR to WST in the last 90 days saw a 90 day high of 2.9758 and a 90 day low of 2.8943. This means the 90 day average was 2.9395. The change for EUR to WST was -0.10.

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How to convert Euros to Samoan talas

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    Our currency converter will show you the current EUR to WST rate and how it’s changed over the past day, week or month.

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Conversion rates Euro / Samoan Tala
1 EUR2,96217 WST
5 EUR14,81085 WST
10 EUR29,62170 WST
20 EUR59,24340 WST
50 EUR148,10850 WST
100 EUR296,21700 WST
250 EUR740,54250 WST
500 EUR1.481,08500 WST
1000 EUR2.962,17000 WST
2000 EUR5.924,34000 WST
5000 EUR14.810,85000 WST
10000 EUR29.621,70000 WST
Conversion rates Samoan Tala / Euro
1 WST0,33759 EUR
5 WST1,68795 EUR
10 WST3,37591 EUR
20 WST6,75182 EUR
50 WST16,87955 EUR
100 WST33,75910 EUR
250 WST84,39775 EUR
500 WST168,79550 EUR
1000 WST337,59100 EUR
2000 WST675,18200 EUR
5000 WST1.687,95500 EUR
10000 WST3.375,91000 EUR