EBS payment gateway: All you need to know

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EBS payment gateway helps give customers the ability to use their debit, credit, netbanking, EMI and other options for paying online. But while EBS is a secure and safe gateway with convenient payment options, businesses may find the experience a little cumbersome for receiving payment settlement. If you are looking for a seamless and low-cost way to get and make international payments online, take a look at Wise Business.

E-Billing solutions, or EBS, is a fully owned subsidiary of Ingenico Group, a global leader in seamless online payments. EBS acts as an intermediary between merchants and consumers by providing a seamless platform for payment receiving and processing.

With the India head office based in Mumbai, they provide over 100 payment options to make payments easier for both sides of a purchase. And they have stringent fraud and payment protection to protect all parties involved¹. If you are a business owner in India with online sales, read on to learn more about this payment gateway and if it can be the right fit for you.

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EBS payment gateway pricing and charges

EBS payment gateway has two different pricing packages- starter and premium. The premium package is a custom made plan for your specific business and is priced accordingly. Especially if you have high volume transactions, a tailored plan like this could be a good fit for your business. But, there may be a fee to set-up in the premium plan.

The starter plan is an attractive option for most businesses and is free to set up. Here is a breakdown of the pricing plan for the starter package:

Starter Transaction Rates (TDR)*
Domestic Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) 2.00%
Domestic Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, RuPay, Maestro) 2.00%
Net Banking (40+ Banks) 2.00%
Amex, ezeClick, JCB, Diners, Wallets, Cash cards 3.00%
Annual Maintenance Fee (Free for the 1st year) ₹1200
EMI for Axis Bank, Kotak, HDFC Bank No extra charges
EMI for all other banks .3% additional
Charge for international card transactions ₹7

*Taxes not included

With the starter plan you also get payment page customization, plugins for all major shopping carts, autopay, and intuitive analytics included. You can request to have additional services such as NEFT/ RTGS, invoice payments, multi-currency gateways, and foreign cards, but they will be with additional charges² .

Sending business payments internationally? Wise is upto 19x cheaper than PayPal and banks

Make your business match your dreams with Wise’s business account. With Wise Business, you can send, spend and receive payments from around the world in multiple currencies.

So if you have customers in Europe or a team in the US, you can get payments or pay for work in local currencies at the real exchange rate. Plus, Wise Business is free to set up. The world is opening up and so can your business.

Payment options supported with EBS payment gateway

EBS has over 100 payment options available to merchants and customers. This includes³:

  • Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and RuPay)
  • Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & JCB)
  • International Cards (Visa, MasterCard)
  • Net Banking (50+ banks in India)
  • Multiple currency acceptance and settlement
  • Cash Cards
  • Digital Wallets (Oxigen, Mobikwik, etc.)
  • PayPal

There are also more than 8 options for Bank EMI payments. However, check with your plan if there are additional charges for additional payment options.

EBS payment gateway international payments

Merchants using EBS can accept global Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB and Diners cards. EBS also allows for auto-selection and payment in your customer’s home currency for 11 major currencies while you as the merchant get your settlements in Indian rupees.

EBS uses Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to do so, but typically DCC has a large markup on top of the real exchange rate. In that markup difference, your customers end up paying more for their purchase. That is why Wise Business ensures to always give you the real exchange rate, the one you see on Google. So you can pass on the savings to your customers⁴.

EBS payment gateway settlement

EBS requires the merchants to manually capture each transaction in the merchant’s dashboard online. So you would need to log in and capture your payment, and then from there click on authorize payments by the payment IDs⁵.

Once that is complete, your funds will be credited per the settlement cycle of your plan⁶. The capture also must happen within 12 calendar days from payment or it will be canceled in the system⁷. Overall, EBS is a more manual and time-intensive process versus other payment gateways out there.

EBS payment gateway customer care

The EBS customer care is available by phone and there is a facility to submit tickets for issues on the site. There is also a knowledge vault on the EBS site to help answer questions you may have. The availability hours for the customer care, however, is not listed on the site⁸.

Let Wise take care of your international payments

Looking to grow your business outside of India? Let Wise make payments easier for you. Wise Business lets you pay invoices, buy inventory, and manage payroll in over 40 currencies around the world.

You will always get the real exchange rate and you can receive money with 0 fees. The best part about Wise is that you can do all of this up to 19x cheaper than Paypal. So whether its customers or talent, Wise Business lets you run a modern global business from the comfort of your own home.

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