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Wise fees

Whether you're sending money, or spending on your Wise card, this is your place for all things pricing.
If you're spending in a currency that you don't have in your account, we'll charge a small fee to convert it for you.

Withdrawing money from ATMs

This is our new withdrawal fee. If you opened your account before 1 December, 2020, the old fee applies until 1 January, 2021 learn more

How much you'll pay to withdraw money depends on the country we issue your card in.

What your fees pay for

We only ever charge you what it costs us to send your money, plus a small margin. We reinvest that back into improving Wise.

Our costs
  • 12% Offices and running costs
  • 14% Operations and customer support teams
  • 18% Margin and growing Wise
  • 20% Building our products
  • 36% Banking partners and money-moving costs

We calculated this data on 2nd August 2019, and it shows the average cost of transfers across all currencies.

Our three principles


Be radically transparent

Most companies aren't always 100% honest about their fees and profits. We believe in having nothing to hide.


Charge as little as possible

Most companies charge as much as they can get away with. We do the opposite.


Make premium the new normal

Most companies make you pay more for ‘premium’ stuff. We believe the best-possible should be standard.