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Meet Wise Interest

Safe, smart and earns you a return.

An account 100% backed by government assets

Get the power of an international business account, with the security of underlying government-backed assets in one simple switch.

Any assets you hold with us are always in your name, no one else can access them, not even us. Because we don’t lend your money like banks, all your money is protected, not just the first £85,000.

Money at risk – in the unlikely event that governments fail, or interest rates become negative.

Grow what you’ve got — get a 3.81% variable rate

Switching to Interest puts your money to work and protects it at the same time. Your account works just like a regular current account, so you can run your business like normal. Plus, the 3.81% variable rate is way more than banks offer on their accounts.

When you switch to Interest, your money’s in a fund that holds assets backed by the UK government. Because the assets follow the Bank of England’s interest rate, when that rate changes, your rate changes too.

Pounds, euros, dollars and more

You can also get a return with your Wise Business account on euros and dollars. The account is built to save you money wherever you want to use it — saving you up to 6x on transactions worldwide. Wise Interest is a feature of the Wise business account and is offered by Wise Assets. One account. Unlimited protection.

300,000 active business customers per quarter

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All investment services are provided by Wise Assets, a trading name of TINV Ltd (FRN 839689), authorised and regulated by the FCA.