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Cheaper, better international e-commerce payments

Wise Business is the hassle-free payment provider for collecting sales abroad. Better exchange rates, no hidden fees, and easy withdrawals—every time.

E-commerce made easy. For you and your clients.

Receive money in up to 10 currencies without any conversion fees using our local account details.

Your clients don't even need a Wise account— they can use their bank account to send and receive payments from you in minutes.

Get paid in seconds

No one deserves to wait a week for their money. Wise processes payments at lightning speed—50% of payments are instant or arrive within an hour.

Speedy payments

Fees up front, with no surprises.

At Wise, we value transparency. That’s why we always share our fees upfront. You'll never receive less money than you expected because of sneaky hidden fees, because we never mark up our exchange rate like banks do.

Move money between 50+ currencies

Wise Business is international, just like you. Use Wise in 80 countries around the world. Then, directly receive money into up to 10 currency accounts.

Hold that money in your account for as long as you like and make payments without converting it over and over.

hold multiple currencies with Wise

Wise Business is decked out with features for all your finance needs.

Integrate with Xero, Quickbooks and more

Plug all your favourite business tools into Wise, and see everything in one place.

Add your team members

No more back-and-forth — give your employees, contractors and accountant access to Wise.

Get paid however you need

Local account details in GBP, USD, EUR and more make it cheaper and easier to receive money internationally—a lot easier.

We move over $6 billion every month, and save people and businesses $3 million in hidden fees every day.

Customers love Wise, we've got nearly 100,000 reviews on Trustpilot with an average score of 4.7 out of 5.

Over 10 million people across the globe have used Wise to send money.

Fully authorised by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


International e-commerce payments, made easy.

International e-commerce payments, made easy

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International business banking for e-commerce

A multi-currency business account to pay global suppliers and receive Stripe and Amazon payouts.

Now 19x cheaper than PayPal →

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Automate work with our API

Pay invoices and people abroad

Receive money with no fees

Spend with a free debit card

Receive money with zero fees.

Get your own UK, Eurozone, Australian, New Zealand, and US bank details for a small, one-time setup fee — without a local address. Use them to get paid or withdraw money from platforms like Amazon for free.

Hold that money in your account for future payments or move it to your bank.

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International payments, 19x cheaper.

Pay invoices, buy inventory, and handle payroll with the real exchange rate in over 70 countries — for way cheaper than PayPal.

Send money directly from your own debit card or bank, or make payments from your account balance. Your recipient doesn't need a Wise account to receive their money.

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Spend anywhere with no hidden fees.

Use your Wise Business Mastercard® to pay business expenses and spend online or in-store all around the world.

If you don’t have the currency in your account, we’ll automatically convert the amount for you.

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10 million customers globally

By the people who made Skype

Richard Branson is a key investor

Authorised by the FCA

Coverage around the world.

You can send money to 70+ countries and hold 50+ currencies.

You also get your own Eurozone, US, Australia, New Zealand, and UK bank details to get paid like a local.

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A powerful open API.

Businesses big and small can access our open API to automate payments, connect business tools, and create beautiful ways to manage finances.

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Business without borders.

Business without borders

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