We now have lower transfer limits for some currencies

Clare Baxter
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Recently, we’ve had to temporarily restrict how much personal customers can send in one transfer, from certain currencies. There are no changes to how much you can send to these currencies, and the limits don't apply to money that's in your Wise account. If you’re a business, these limits also don’t apply to you.

Here’s a list of those currencies, and the most you can send per transfer.

  • EUR — 165,000 EUR
  • AUD — 260,000 AUD
  • CAD — 240,000 CAD
  • CHF — 180,000 CHF
  • DKK — 1,200,000 DKK
  • HUF — 57,000,000 HUF
  • HKD — 1,500,000 HKD
  • NZD — 280,000 NZD
  • USD — 200,000 USD

So, if you’re a personal customer planning to send over these limits — and you aren’t paying from your Wise balance — you may need to find a different provider for now.

Why have we changed the limits?

Over the last few months, we’ve seen increased demand for sending very large amounts — like people moving hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy property overseas, or make international investments.

For these kinds of transfers, we aim to do all our checks within 60 hours. These checks are incredibly important, as they help us keep customer’s money safe. But for the past few months, it’s taken up to twice as long because of increased demand. To keep Wise secure for everyone, we decided to reduce a very specific set of volumes, until we can process those checks as quickly as we’d like.

Since we’ve had the extra limits from June, you can see the time drop back down to near our target.


When our customers send a large amount, they tell us they choose Wise for a few key reasons. We move the money safely, with a low and transparent fee, on time. Because we’ve been missing that third point, some customers may not get the experience that they expect from us.

That’s why we decided to lower the limits for some currencies. We’d rather give fewer people a great experience, than give a lot of people a poor experience.

What are we doing to increase the limits again?

Lowering limits is a short-term solution. So we’re doing some work behind the scenes to fix the bigger problem, and let more people send larger amounts sustainably. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Increasing our operational capacity to match higher demand.
  • Automating the manual parts of the process.
  • Letting customers get their documents checked before they pay for their transfer — meaning fewer delays once you send us your money.

When will I be able to send large transfers again?

As soon as we can reliably give you the experience you have come to expect from Wise, we’ll increase the limits on these currencies. We expect this may take a couple of months, but we don’t have an exact date we can share yet.

If you’re planning to send over those limits soon, we recommend finding another provider for now. The comparison we run on our homepage will give you some information on the best rates provided by other companies.

What if I have a large amount in my balances?

The limits don't apply to money that's in your Wise account. You should be able to move it without an issue — just make sure you've chosen "balance transfer" as the transfer type when you send the money.

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