Interest asset. Smarter than your bank.

Kristo Käärmann

We’ve upgraded the Wise account. Taking it from an account that lets you hold money in 50 currencies. To an account that also lets you earn interest, close to central bank rates, on your everyday spending. There’s more. Your money is held in assets 100% backed by the government.

Offered through Wise Assets. Growth not guaranteed. Capital at risk.

Today, no UK bank offers a current account that pays central bank interest rates and provides a 100% government guarantee. No bank lets you control what they do with your money. And they don’t share any benefits with you, either.


We’re building something better. So you’ll no longer have to give your money to your bank for free – and hope they lend it responsibly. And when your money is used to generate earnings, you’ll keep the return. The Wise account is setting a new standard for holding money - one we know banks will eventually follow.

A skewed system
In the UK, banks hold £1.6 trillion in current accounts. If these accounts paid the Bank of England base interest rate, £180 million would be paid to account holders every single day.

Plus, your bank doesn’t keep your money safe at the central bank. They lend it out in mortgages, credit cards and business loans to earn even higher interest. They use your money, but you don’t get a share of the profit.

Expect more from Wise Assets
We start with the government backed Interest Asset, designed to keep your money safe. It works through a fund of assets ultimately guaranteed by the governments. However, during periods of extreme volatility in the market for government assets, access to your money may be temporarily restricted.

Over time we’ll add another flavour of Interest – for those who want to use their money in a similar way to banks who currently invest it. But when we do, it’ll be your earnings on your money. As for those who want to have their money invested in the world’s largest companies - we already have the Stocks Asset.

What happens if Wise goes out of business?
Your investments are held separate from our company assets, so in the event of Wise failing, your assets will be returned to you or transferred to a different provider. If we can’t pay claims against us, you could benefit from additional protection offered by the FSCS.


Better than a bank
We’re building something better than any bank has ever done. An account that offers a better return, invests in underlaying assets 100% backed by government assets, gives you instant access to your money and is the fastest, cheapest and most convenient way to move your money around the world. And it’s fully transparent.

Your money. Your choice.

Read on how the Interest asset works and how to use it. This asset is currently only available in the UK. We’ll be working to launch the interest-earning assets to other countries outside the UK and enable more currencies.

Wise Assets is a trading name of TINV Ltd, a Wise group subsidiary created to carry out investment activities and operate Assets. TINV Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with FCA number 839689

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