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When the rate's real, it's your best deal.

Most providers mark up the exchange rate when you send money internationally.

Wise is different. You always get the real rate.

**It's time to save each time you send.**

Click below, enter an amount up to $250, and we'll waive the fee on your first transfer.

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How you know your money is safe.

How Wise saves you money.

Find out how Wise works.

Who we are and how we got started.

Trusted by 10 million customers and counting.

You're safe with us.

Wise is cheap, safe, and fast. But you don't have to take our word for it.

Why not read some of our customer reviews? There are thousands.

Friends don't let friends get bad exchange rates: Speaking of our customers – the more we have, the more we can drop our fees (which are already quite low).

So why not invite a friend who can save money with us too? We'll reward you.

Trusted by 10 million customers and counting.

Why do I keep more money with Wise?

Many providers tell you their fee, but don’t tell you that they mark up the exchange rate to make extra money.

At Wise, we never mark up the exchange rate. We use the real rate, provided by Reuters. That's why you get a low-cost transfer every time.

How Wise works.

Set up your transfer.

Set up your transfer.

Tell us the amount you want to send. Then enter your payment details, and your recipient's bank details.

Get a great rate.

Get a great rate.

We give you the exchange rate found on Reuters. It's the "real" rate – no markup whatsoever.

Prepare to be happy.

Prepare to be happy.

No matter where your recipient is, the money will usually get to them within 2-3 business days.

Our founders didn't set out to start a company.

Taavet and Kristo had to send a lot of money abroad themselves, and they were fed up with being ripped off by banks.

They put their heads together, came up with a clever idea, and the rest was history.

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Our founders didn't set out to start a company.

Start saving today.

Click below to get your first transfer up to $250 free.

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Another key to their success - Wise has shifted more than £3bn of customers' money since 2011 - is the simplicity of design

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Wise takes a machete to the hefty fees that banks levy to send money across borders.

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More important, it saves customers on the hidden costs of currency transactions by using the mid-market rate.

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Terms & Conditions.

The test transfer is free up to $250 and is only valid for first-time users. Whether or not the amount you send will be free depends on how much you send and which currencies you send between. To check before you send, see our full pricing details at

You can see our official licenses, and other regulatory information, here.

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