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It started off in 2010, with 2 guys sending money between the UK and Estonia. Now, more than 6,000,000 people use Wise to send $5 billion every month. Crazy, right?

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Battling hidden fees and unfair exchange rates all over the world is a true David vs Goliath task.

So it’s fitting that the most popular name among Wise customers is David — 48,674 users. What a great army to fight hidden fees with!

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In 2019, 13 new nations joined the Wise community. That means 257 million more people can now move their money across borders without paying outrageous fees.

Welcome, new people without borders.

The world is getting greener, as our debit card arrives in more countries. Now Americans, Aussies, Kiwis, and Singaporeans can get a card — which means more and more folks are avoiding bad rates and nasty fees when they spend money abroad.

Our cardholders have covered 64% of the world in their travels. One intrepid individual even took their card to Nauru, in Oceania, which is the least-visited country in the world, apparently.

Talk about people without borders.

Welcome, new people without borders.

As you know, transparency is a very dear topic to us, and we have a lot to celebrate there, too.

In 2019, with the support of the amazing people who campaigned and petitioned with us, we changed the law to make hidden currency exchange fees illegal in Europe.

The fight continues as we spark similar change in Australia and Canada.

Markups? Hidden fees? No thanks.

Altogether, by using Wise in 2019, you saved yourselves $1.5 billion. With a B. That's more money in your pocket for you to spend however you want. Guess the bankers will have to settle for lower bonuses this year, right?

Markups? Hidden fees? No thanks.

Without you, Wise is just a bunch of code

But with you, we’re a global movement. So thank you for an awesome 2019. And for everything.

Hopefully, you’ll keep telling your friends and family about Wise, so they can save money too. And here’s to an even more massive 2020.

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