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Spend like a local in 40+ currencies. Get Brazil’s cheapest travel card and save with just 1.1% IOF and super low fees.

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Get a Wise card and save with a 1.1% IOF. Spend instantly online and in person from balances in over 40 currencies. Travel right.
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  • Wise is authorised by the Brazil Central Bank

  • Instant transfers paying with PIX

  • Questions? Speak to us 24/7 in Portuguese

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"I've been using Wise for years and I don't have any complaints! I'd totally recommend it!"

Van Pieroni, Apple Store

"The services offered by Wise and how convenient it is to send money and use their multi-currency card is impressive!"

Erick Vils, Apple Store

"This app is amazing! Especially for people who travel often to other countries. Very easy to use!"

SaintDanz, Apple Store

"Now that is possible to receive PIX payments in Brazil it's even better!"

Carlos Filipe, Apple Store

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Spend, send and receive money in the currencies you really need. Save with just 1.1% IOF and top up your account any time.
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Save up to 7x when you move your money to 70+ countries, fast. Free from hidden fees and exchange rate markups.

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We’re building the best way to move and manage the world’s money. Min fees. Max ease. Full speed.

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Every quarter, our customers trust us to move over £30 billion of their money. Here are some of the important ways we protect them.

How we keep your money safe
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  • Our dedicated fraud and security teams work to keep your money safe

  • We use 2-factor authentication to protect your account

  • We hold your money with established financial institutions

Wise works nearly everywhere

  • UAE dirham
  • Australian dollar
  • Bangladeshi taka
  • Bulgarian lev
  • Brazilian real
  • Canadian dollar
  • Swiss franc
  • Chilean peso
  • Chinese yuan
  • Costa Rican colón
  • Czech koruna
  • Danish krone
  • Egyptian pound
  • Euro
  • British pound
  • Georgian lari
  • Hong Kong dollar
  • Hungarian forint
  • Indonesian rupiah
  • Israeli shekel
  • Indian rupee
  • Japanese yen
  • Kenyan shilling
  • South Korean won
  • Sri Lankan rupee
  • Moroccan dirham
  • Mexican peso
  • Malaysian ringgit
  • Nigerian naira
  • Norwegian krone
  • Nepalese rupee
  • New Zealand dollar
  • Philippine peso
  • Pakistani rupee
  • Polish złoty
  • Romanian lei
  • Swedish krona
  • Singapore dollar
  • Thai baht
  • Turkish lira
  • Tanzanian shilling
  • Ukrainian hryvnia
  • Ugandan shilling
  • US dollar
  • Uruguayan peso
  • Vietnamese dong
  • West African franc
  • South African rand