PayPal Business Price Comparison Research

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Note: the below research is outdated. Please see new research here

Are you using PayPal in your business to pay or get paid internationally for goods and services? If so, you could save on average 14x more by opening a Wise Business account.

Research Methodology

The research was carried out on the 11th October 2018 by market research agency, Alderson Consulting (Bristol), in conjunction with Wise. The data was ascertained via a series of transfers carried out by Alderson Consulting (Bristol) and partners in various geographies.

There are three types of fees recorded for this price comparison:

  • Fee 1: an upfront international money transfer fee
  • Fee 2: the markup PayPal added to their exchange rate
  • Fee 3: the recipient fee PayPal charged when business receive international payments

Research took place on transfers from GBP, EUR, USD, and AUD routes. Date and timestamps are provided.

The Research and Results

  1. Sending USD →
  2. Sending GBP →
  3. Sending EUR →
  4. Sending AUD →

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